Our Menu


$12.75Clams Verde

Gluten Free

1 lb. of clams steamed with cilantro garlic butter

$12.75Atomic Nachos

Gluten Free

fresh corn chips topped with vegetable chorizo, smothered in house made cheese sauce and cheddar cheese. Garnished with roasted jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream Add Beef, Chicken, or pulled pork $4.75

$7.50Fried Chicken Skins

Gluten Free

Served with our white BBQ sauce

$11.75Lamb Bacon Quesadilla

With goat cheese, braised greens & grilled portabella mushrooms

$11.50Vegetable Chorizo Taquitos

Gluten Free

3 rolled taquitos with wild boar, poblano chilies & Monchago cheese

$7.50Mole Fries

House cut fries smothered in our own authentic mole sauce * Cotija cheese


$8.50House Salad

Chopped green and seasonal vegetables with choice of one dressing: house vinaigrette, bleu cheese, green tomato ranch or house vinaigrette.

$7.75The Wedge

A wedge of iceberg lettuce, topped with bleu cheese dressing, crumbles and sliced onion.
With pork bacon add - $2.00 | With duck bacon add - $3.75

Meals in a Bowl

$21.75Elk Stew

Slow cooked pieces of elk in a brown stock with root vegetables, topped with braised greens, mashed potatoes & our white BBQ sauce.

$10.75Buffalo Black Bean Chili

our bold chili is made with 100% buffalo, topped with tortilla strips & sour cream& diced onions

$18.75Buffalo Meatloaf Bowl

served on our macaroni & cheese and topped with black onion gravy

$15.75America Bowl

pulled pork with our chipotle BBQ sauce, served on mac & cheese, topped with fried chicken skins & green onions. Add braised greens $2

$14.75Burrito Bowl

warm flour tortilla topped with rice, black beans, roasted poblanos, adobo sauce & queso fresco.

Add a veggie patty with braised greens & mushrooms, chicken breast, pulled pork, or beef machaca for $4.75

Burgers & Sandwiches

$15.75Moab Burger

Two beef patties, double cheddar, grilled onions, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese sauce.

$13.75Baby Moab

Bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and sharp cheddar cheese sauce

$13.75Steak House

Grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled onion, swiss cheese, lettuce & our white sauce


Grilled sweet peppers, fried chicken skins, pork bacon, cheddar cheese & chipotle BBQ sauce


Grilled sweet peppers, fried chicken skins, pork bacon, cheddar cheese & chipotle BBQ sauce


Sriracha onions, roasted jalapeno & sweet peppers

$14.75Blue Duck

Duck bacon, grilled onions, blue cheese & our white sauce

$14.75Chili Burger

Open faced, smothered with buffalo black bean chili and topped with cheddar cheese & chopped onions

$10.75Basic Burger

Plain burger served with garnish. Additional toppings may be added

Street Tacos

$8.00Elk Chorizo

$8.00Duck Bacon

$8.00Beef Machaca

$8.00Lamb Bacon

$8.00Vegetable Chorizo

Chef's Special Entrees

$19.75Buffalo Meat Loaf

Smothered with our black onion gravy, skin-on mashed red potatoes & seasonal vegetable.

$21.75Barbequed Pork Rib Steak

Slow smoked and grilled, topped with our savory BBQ butter. Comes with cole slaw & house cut fried.

Southwest Specialties

$24.75Buffalo Machaca

Slow cooked and seasoned machaca mixed with grilled onion & poblano peppers smothered with adobo sauce & baked covered with queso fresco on corn tortillas. Served with rice verde & southwest vegetables.

$29.50Lamb Shank

Slow cooked in adobo and wrapped in banana leaves until tender, topped with roasted raisin salsa

$19.50Sweet Potato Tamales

2 tamales topped with adobo sauce and sour cream. Served with rice verde & southwest vegetables.

$24.50Pork Shank Carnitas

Bone in Shank slow cooked in a citrus milk broth, topped with avocado cream sauce

$21.50Grilled Utah Trout

Topped with white sauce & red pepper maple sauce

$21.50Chicken Diablo

Double Chicken pan roasted in adobo sauce, topped with queso fresco, served on blue corn tortilla chips

$21.75Beef Machaca Bolso

Slow cooked with spices & adobo sauce stuffed with queso fresco topped with spicy apricot pumpkin sauce inside our house made blue corn crepe.

$19.75Turkey Bolso

Filled with turkey in our mole sauce with queso fresco & topped with mole sauce and Raisin peanut salsa wrapped in our house made blue corn crepe.

Kids' menu

$7.75Kids' Burger

$8.25Kids' Cheese Burger

$6.75Grilled Cheese

$9.25Fried Chicken Strips

$5.50Mac & Cheese